What is Draco?

DRACO means dragon, and is also a star constellation located in the Northern sky.

There are many myths and legends about dragons and how DRACO was formed. It is my understanding however that DRACO is actually about evolution - the evolution of the soul, and its evolution through love.

Not following any religion or any particular faith, it is the energy/essence of the 'Son' aspect of Source/All-That-Is  - the symbolic Christ or Christ Energy - the energy of unconditional love and unconditional being-ness; which may be expressed through the Trinity (Father-Son-Holy Spirit):-

The Father is the energy of creation, of initiation, of beginnings, and so is FIRE.

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What is the DRACO Healing Symbols System?

The DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System (DHSS) is a system of healing that helps you to heal and move through the layers to your Essential or ‘True Self’.

It helps you to transform (change) - through acceptance and love - those parts you have judged, limited or denied, as a result of your experiences in this life and other/past lives.

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How did it come about?

Around the year 2000 Michelle started to receive symbols in her meditations. Not fully understanding or knowing what they were, she felt to record them in her journal however.

Soon after she was informed by a Channel/Psychic that the symbols were part of an ancient healing system that was connected to a star constellation called DRACO, and that they were to be used specifically & only with crystal energy.

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How does it work?

The system assists on all levels - opening you up to the different aspects and multi-dimensional levels of self.

As DRACO is the Unconditional Love aspect of Source, it is the 'whole' energy; it affects the whole of the planet simultaneously when it is used, and permeates all of the rays.

On a personal level, the first 52 codes work with 16 chakras of our energy system.

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Michelle's Testimonials..

"This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense.

I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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