What is the DRACO Healing Symbols System?

The DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System (DHSS) is a system of healing that helps you to heal and move through the layers to your Essential or ‘True Self’.

It helps you to transform (change) - through acceptance and love - those parts you have judged, limited or denied, as a result of your experiences in this life and other/past lives. It opens you up to your multi-dimensional levels, experiencing the vastness of who you are.

Opening you up to your own wisdom, special talents & gifts, and ‘truth’.  It promotes (Self) empowerment and discovery, through healing and understanding.

As the energy/essence of DRACO is that of the Son, which is that of unconditional love and unconditional being, the energy encourages you to love all of yourself as you are: to embrace all parts of self without judgment, to be in harmony with who you be, and therefore come into balance.

Its intent is to:

Discover your True Self 
Reclaim your power 
Accept who you are 
Clear obstacles, limitations and fears.....and come to 
Oneness with Self and All

In Oneness with Self you are in unconditional being-ness, where everything just ‘is’. A place of neutrality, non-judgment, beyond polarities and illusion. Transformed, you have come back to your True Self, where you are in your power, strength, wisdom, nobility/sovereignty  -  the qualities of the dragon.

In this place of Mastery, you are bringing ‘Heaven to Earth’, bringing spirit into matter. As the Master of your life, you know you have a choice, and you take responsibility for how you choose how you wish to run your energy & live your life.

A very ancient energy, the system originates from before the times of Atlantis & Lemuria, and is also older than the Plaeidian energy. The energy comes to earth through Sirius, and uses symbols that work with crystal energies.

The symbols are seeded on the planet at the turn of every 1,000-year cycle; the last time they were utilised was 5,000 years ago. They are now being seeded again as another opportunity for all to come into unconditional being-ness.

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