DRACO Card Readings

DRACO - Dragon Wisdom card readings available in person or on line via email or Skype. Please email for details.

DRACO (Dragon) Healing Sessions

This session can assist on many levels for a number of conditions/issues, ranging from physical problems to connection to your Essential Self & Mastery.

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The Pyramid of Balance Healing Sessions

“Building Through the Harmony of Life;
When all things are in balance and flow.”

Often stress and tension arise when we are in conflict with what is happening within and around us. Usually, there are different aspects or parts of ourselves that are in conflict that is creating the disharmony or imbalance.

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Sessions for Children

Crystal Dragon Sessions for Children

Special healing sessions for children that help them come into greater balance and calm, let go of anxieties, deal with emotions and fears, etc.

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7 Master Code Healing

This healing is specifically for those who feel a resonance to it; or perhaps you have been doing healing for quite some time but you want to take a 'jump' or feel you need to create a shift for the next part of your journey.

This healing accesses the Diamond Light frequencies and helps integrate the new energy body, as you align and merge spirit & matter at the heart.

It utilses the 7 Master Codes from the DRACO System - including the master Solar, Lunar & Galactic Codes.

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Dragon Wisdom

Inspire yourself with Dragon Wisdom.

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Michelle's Testimonials..

"This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense.

I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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