How does it work?

The system assists on all levels - opening you up to the different aspects and multi-dimensional levels of self.

As DRACO is the Unconditional Love aspect of Source, it is the 'whole' energy; it affects the whole of the planet simultaneously when it is used, and permeates all of the rays.

On a personal level, the first 52 codes work with 16 chakras of our energy system.

The Lunar, Solar and Galactic Codes open up higher chakras and levels of Being, helping to activate and integrate the new energy body to align and merge spirit and matter at the heart.

To use them, the DRACO symbols are programmed into crystals by an attuned Draco Energy Healer*. The programmed crystals can then be placed on the body (normally on the chakra points), or held in the hands. As required, they may be placed around the body or used within the energy bodies. The relevant codes are also used for planetary-universal healing use.
On an individual level, the DRACO Energy Healer channels the high vibrational energies and together with the activated energies of the symbol/crystal, they begin to connect with you at deeper levels within the psyche, effecting change to promote healing in whatever way is most appropriate.

The symbols are like light codes that help one to open up and ‘bring to light’ what has been limited, buried or denied, opening you up to your radiant and 'True' Self.  As the energy is all-embracing and all-encompassing, all things are considered & nothing is judged, in the knowing that all is part of the Whole.

Each session is unique as it reveals part of self/issues that are personal to each individual. The DRACO Energy Healer also usually assists in the healing process by guiding you on a ‘journey’ where you can access & meet these parts/aspects of self, or explore issues that have been blocking/holding you back; therefore helping you come into a deeper understanding of your processes and to bring these into your awareness for acceptance/healing.

Sometimes the DRACO Energy Healer will begin the healing session with a DRACO Reading using the DRACO Healing Symbols Cards*, which will identify the deeper issues you are faced with. These symbols will then be used in the healing.

At all times you are very much involved and part of your own healing process, the DRACO Energy Healer simply supporting you and facilitating your own ‘self change’ - or Self empowerment and Self discovery.

(*you can train and be attuned through the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System - please see 'Training' section.)

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I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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