A selection of feedback from some of the clients that have worked with me;

"Working with the Draco Healing Energy System has allowed me to continue my personal development, becoming more forgiving of myself and others. With the help of a very special spiritual teacher, Michelle, the caretaker of this healing energy system, I have been taken back in time to once again know events in the past, from this life and others.

In this protected and supported environment I have been able to see the learning and blessing in the crisis and pain. With the loving support of Michelle, divine beings, my personal guides and the energy of crystals, I have been able to surround the events and people, including myself with love.

The Draco energy has allowed me to fit more comfortably in my skin and to grow in my personal power, to be more fully, my authentic self, taking this loving energy out into the world to share with others."

Teacher & mother, Hong Kong

"I have been engaged in doing crystal healing, but Draco symbols are extraordinary. They accelerate healing and transformation or manifestation only in a few minutes! Draco phase 1, 2, 3 training is simple, easy to do, but so powerful; and made us so wise and in harmony. It is amazing method I have ever experienced,so I have learned twice!..."

Phase 1, 2, 3 participant, Japan.

"Thank you again so much for your guidance and help over the last few years-you are a wonderful healer and just being in your presence makes us calmer and connected "


'Your sessions are like Fine Dining to the Soul'….

Doctor Angela Lee, Hong Kong

I thought DRACO energy was powerful and very warm. I faced with big change in my life now, so the energy helped me.

Participant, Phase 1 and 2 Draco training program 2014, Japan

Michelle is very beautiful and cute lady. I was happy attending her seminar. I got a special message from DRACO unexpectedly I was stunned from being so moved. I am looking forward to seeing Michelle again. Thank you so much!

Participant, Phase 1 and 2 Draco training program 2014, Japan

I realized that I have started to think about symbol already. It was about 5 days ago. I could feel so many symbols in meditation. I would like to learn more about symbol from Michelle.

Participant, Phase 1 and 2 Draco training program 2014, Japan

I attended Michelle’s workshop. The reason why I attended her seminar was…as I love dragon and symbol. I really appreciate her personality as a teacher. She is grounded person and she didn’t have judgment. The workshop was easy to understand. She can teach deep theme by simple way.. I felt purification in my body and in my feeling for getting new DRACO energy. I think that was a timing for me to release old pattern. I would like to attend her next workshop, phase 3. Thank you Michelle!

Participant, Phase 1 and 2 Draco training program 2014, Japan

"The draco phase 1 and 2 {workshop} is a great introduction to the symbols and power of the crystals. It's an intense couple of days but the shifts are life changing. …. We grow up with these beliefs, conditioned from our families and the environment we grow up in. A belief in my family is to be humble - in the sense that I have always 'dumbed down' any of my achievements for fear of 'showing off' or shining brighter than anyone else. … The biggest shift I had during the course was that it's okay to "let my light shine" and be proud inside and out for what I achieve, big or small. Now I encourage my own children to do the same and it will make a big difference to their lives"

RH. Mother and Teacher, Phase 1 and 2 participant 2014

I'm glad to have attended your Draco course... It gave me the time and space to reflect, to really look deep within and to reconnect with the All That Is. The course was one of the keys I needed to remember who I Am. It has transformed me..... I feel a lot calmer and have more insight in life on Earth. It's beautiful to be fully alive again! I feel a lot more passionate about life now. Friends are noticing it too. :).. Thank you so much for being there and for embracing us (the group)/me with your Unconditional Love!!!

Josephine, Phase 5 graduate 5-Phase DRACO Training Program, 2013

After years of searching, I'm very grateful to have been referred to Michelle & Draco. With Michelle's guidance and gentle support, I can sense a path toward healing and love, enabling me to embrace and appreciate what life brings in the present moment.

Phase 5 Graduate DRACO Training Program 2013

The Draco teaching is a fascinating way to be who you truly are and gives you tools to go beyond your own limits. Furthermore, this powerful Draco energy opens you or reconnects you to the unlimited love of the Earth.

Draco, Phase 3 student, Malaysia

This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense. I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you. You have restored my link to the Source and I can’t thank you enough.

Love and joy, Christine (Home-educator and Aromatherapist, HK) - Dragon Retreat Participant, 2011

Michelle's treatment has certainly been instrumental in helping me find the next steps along my journey.... During the session I received meaningful and relevant information and felt an immense amount of energy, as though I was floating in the air... Since then, I have had great clarity and focus in my work actions.

Michelle has an immediate sense of calmness about her which facilitates the whole healing process and I look forward to another opportunity to learn from her. Thanks Michelle!

Sian Meeuwsen-Leong "Tree of Life Acupuncture", Shanghai

I have been going through a great transformation in various aspects of my life after receiving Draco healing system from Michelle whose energy is very loving and yet powerful.

Since my first contact with Michelle and Draco healing system, I have seen profound changes on myself, not only that, with the practise of the system on others, I witness the powerful effect the system has bring on other people which tranforms their lives within a short period of time; so I must say thanks to Michelle who delivers such a powerful healing system to our world!

Lily Ho - Energy healing therapist

It's an amazing journey for myself to go through the DRACO training. I would like to express my thankfulness to Michelle that she is not only an angel to me, she helps me to open up my awareness, leading me to the integration of different layers of myself(s) with the radiant love and compassion. I am now more aligned with my heart through the DRACO energy, we are all in one, we are light and we are love! Thank you Michelle!!

Clara Chung - Consultant, Hong Kong

A GIFT TO ME 2009. I am so blessed to experience a wonderful DRACO training with Michelle in Oct 2009. From the training, I find myself and understand what the obstacles are within me! Michelle helps me to remove/clear the blocked energy with crystal. It's the first time I feel the crystals have its vibration and life. It is amazing and widens my consciousness mind. The love from universe is always filled in my mind. I touch my soul tenderly and 'run' with her. I realize my body and soul in one. I love you - JO.

Thank you the souls around me who give me the lesson, love and cue and help me grow. Thank you to Michelle, I feel your unconditional love and blessing. You are a very beautiful soul. Thank you all! We are oneness. love always,

Jo, Accountant, Hong Kong

"I had been looking for a holistic healing system for some time. I was attracted to the DRACO system, and found that this is really what I was looking for. With the powerful and sacred DRACO symbols, I begin to understand the root of everything in my life.

I found that it is important to heal our own life before healing others. DRACO healing can help. The DRACO System is a very loving and sacred healing system that is powerful enough to shift your life to a totally new consciousness. It is a training about wholeness, love, and becoming a master of your unique life"

Daisy Fung, Healer

“The Draco Healing Symbols System is a healing system that can help people to fully heal and balance their emotional, mental and spiritual parts. Through learning the system, the healers also experience a healing on themselves. It is a transformation for me. The structure of the system is similar to the Tree of Life.

In phase I to IV, the issues such as emotions, relationships, inner child and shadow part will be brought up and healed gradually. In phase V, I learnt the symbols for chakras 13 to 16. By using these symbols, I can contact my Higher Self and view my life in an objective way. It helps me to find my life purpose and accept my intuition and power. Michelle shows me how being a channel for God we can heal ourselves and other people.

The course is great. It is a course of love. Every time I receive or give a DRACO healing, I can feel the love of universe (especially love from Mother Earth). It can arouse my awareness about my life. It make me understand that I am also a light with great power. Being a light, we can also bring light to our world.”

Clerical Officer, HK

"It has been an invaluable experience to receive the five-level [DRACO] training with Michelle. Each level is a new insight and adventure to me. Not only do I receive the integrated training in energy healing, past life therapy, inner child healing..

I also experienced the power of the DRACO healing symbols. The greatest impact that I have experienced is that the symbols are very powerful in letting people to become aware of what is happening in themselves and in their lives. Also... they are very powerful in releasing the blockages in our body due to previous unsolved issues.

From Michelle, I also experienced what is unconditional love. I love myself more than before after receiving training from Michelle. [And] with the training, not only do I experience great transformation of myself but I can also bring in the skills in helping my clients"

Joyce - Tarot Reader and Healer, Hong Kong

"I am blessed and honoured to have worked with Michelle periodically over the past 12 months. Each time, she helps me remove an obstacle I had trouble removing on my own. Each time, the session has been unique in revealing new parts of my soul and spirit I didn't know existed.

Each time, I move up a level. Michelle lends herself to your healing process by allowing herself to be used as a "vehicle" for this process. She encourages you to access, and recognize your own healing power and has given me the courage and strength to realize that I can heal myself. Add on to this, her use of visualizations and crystals during the healing session and you have a deeply impactful, growing, experience for those open to experience it. The result is that I am more confident in being my true self - both inside and out."

Finance Consultant, Hong Kong

“I feel that I was very blessed to come across Michelle Harris and to not only experience DRACO healing but also to be able to learn how to use it. The healing that I received from Michelle has been quite amazing. It’s accurate and powerful and I can feel I am so much better for it….physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know that through the healing I received from Michelle I have been able to shift fears, aches and pains and unconscious patterns that were blocking me….the whole time feeling very much cared for and truly heard.

I am also very excited to have learnt how to use DRACO healing…it has opened me up to a much greater understanding of energy work and crystal healing power. I decided to complete all the Phases that Michelle offers and I’m really glad I did. I feel that I was able to attain a more aware and full understanding of what DRACO is all about….I was able to see how it all comes together and forms an encompassing and powerful healing system.

Also, having studied, received and worked with Reiki before, I noticed quite a difference with the DRACO Healing System. For me the best way I can describe it is as much more intense energy production and movement - a lot of heat is produced in the body and energy shifts very rapidly. In using it on another I was amazed and excited to feel the generation of energy through the crystals, the person and my hands. Even the very first time I received a DRACO healing I felt a lot of energy moving through and out of my body and I was able to reach a greater place of awareness about myself, my past experiences in life and my purpose, than I had ever before.”

Michele Troughear, Professional Life Coach and Founder of A Divine Place to Be, Australia

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"This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense.

I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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