What is Draco?

DRACO means dragon, and is also a star constellation located in the Northern sky.

There are many myths and legends about dragons and how DRACO was formed. It is my understanding however that DRACO is actually about evolution - the evolution of the soul, and its evolution through love.

Not following any religion or any particular faith, it is the energy/essence of the 'Son' aspect of Source/All-That-Is  - the symbolic Christ or Christ Energy - the energy of unconditional love and unconditional being-ness; which may be expressed through the Trinity (Father-Son-Holy Spirit):-

The Father is the energy of creation, of initiation, of beginnings, and so is FIRE.

The Son is the quality of creation as it seeks to evolve, and only evolve, through love.

The only reason it can evolve through love is because everything is inter-connected, which is Spirit.

Everything in the Universe is connected, one to another, and all is connected to the creative fire of the Father and the unconditional love of the Son, which is always expanding and growing.

And the creative fire is light, pure light in all its many forms. Spirit is the energy generated from that light and the Son (love) is the fuel that empowers the light to create. All aspects of Source/All-That-Is - but showing a different quality.

So DRACO is the Son: the Son embodied in DRACO at a physical level. Just as Sirius is the gateway to the solar system through which light passes and through which all the Spiritual Rays enter, so DRACO is the midway to unconditional love to unconditional being. It is the source of it, and part of the Source of all life.

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